Accommodation in Ukraine Cheaper according to other European States, prices varies according to your own priorities, it is totally up to your choice and demand what you like and what makes you comfort.

Hostel Accommodation

Cheap and good option for the new coming students. The rooms in the hostel have attached bathroom and other ancillary facilities. Each student is provided with a Bed, Study Table, Chair, Mattress, Bed Sheets, Pillow, Blanket and a separate almirah.

Private Accommodation

Students who are interested to live outside the university area can go for this option. Apartment’s charges are categorized according to their space, condition and place, like:

  • Single room’s Apartment
  • Two room’s Apartment
  • Three room’s Apartment
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General Medicine

Duration: 6 years

Degree Awarded: MBBS/MD

Language of Instruction: English, Russian, Ukrainian.


Ukrainian Universities are Recognized By MCI.