Dniprovskyi State Technical University

Dniprovskyi State Technical University today has 6 faculties, 33 departments, 2 colleges, 1 technical school, regional educational and scientific complex "Prometheus", 7 teaching and laboratory buildings, three dormitories, a library with up to a million copies and halls of electronic information, advanced information network with access to the Internet, educational television center, editorial and publishing department, medical center, health center on the bank of Oril river, sports and food systems, strong maintenance department. University trains specialists in 23 specialties. Now the university has about 5,000 students, and about 2.500 are full time students.


In one of the most beautiful areas of the city, on the high steep right bank of the Dnieper is a whole complex of buildings of modern architecture. These are educational and administrative buildings of the Dnipro State Technical University, the only one in the city with a population of almost 300,000.

The Dnipro State Technical University was founded on April 25, 1920, at the decision of the Katerynoslavsky provincial department of professional education in the city of Kamiansk, where one of the largest metallurgical plants of the south of the country was located, the Polytechnicum was opened - the foreman of the modern technical university. Dniprovsky State Technical University has passed a great path to its formation and prosperity. Polytechnicum in 1920, a year later - a labor technical school with the right to issue engineers of a narrow specialty.

According to the decision of the Supreme Council of the People's Economy of the USSR of May 24, 1930. - evening metallurgical institute. Kamensky Evening Metallurgical Institute in the early 1930s became a kind of training complex of all-Union significance, in which highly qualified engineering and technical personnel were trained for the metallurgical industry of both Ukraine and the Union as a whole.

The Great Patriotic War interrupted the peaceful work of the university. Most valuable equipment was taken to Magnitogorsk and other cities of the Urals, many teachers and staff of the University began to protect the Motherland. The damage inflicted by the institute was very significant. After the liberation of the city, a great deal of restoration and revival of the institute began. Gradually, the Metallurgical Institute renewed and continued its fruitful activity.


  • Mechanical
  • Electronics and Computer Engineering
  • Metallurgical
  • Energetics
  • Management, Economics, Sociology and Philology

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The university has 296 research and teaching staff, including 37 doctors, professors and 186 candidates of sciences, associate professors.

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General Medicine

Duration: 6 years

Degree Awarded: MBBS/MD

Language of Instruction: English, Russian, Ukrainian.


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