Poltava National Technical University

Poltava National Technical University built in 1828 and completed in1832 is predominant technical university of Ukraine. The university holds 4th level of accreditation which was conferred by ministry of education of Ukraine. The university back in 2010 celebrated its 80th anniversary. The design or say architecture of the institute replicates the brilliance of Pittsburgh architecture beside that it is one of the largest and oldest Technical university of Poltava. The infrastructure and environment of the academy is very influential and years of hard work and regular establishment of different department in different discipline defines the versatility in learning.

Historical facts

As mentioned above the Poltava National technical university was structured in 1828 but it was actually founded in 1818, by the consort of -general in Poltava and Chernihiv provinces. The order of 1930 in fact laid the germinating ground for the university and since then it holds the record of sharing knowledge with many ex alumni and members of the institutes. The starting phase was not easy but slowly with expert team of professors and research institute it excelled in the field and promotion along with record of success made it international hub of learning. In 1940 it trained around 500 students. The phase of patriotic war which happened in 1941 although disturbed the ground of learning as German soldiers were asked to evacuate all from Ukraine but after the end of war everything was put into place. The year 1971 proved to be fruitful as it opened many departments beside that faculty members were increased to cater universal learning experience to all. In 2002 the government signed the draft to give it a status of national university but before that it was subject to many awards and accolades and the 4th level accreditation really improved the overall infrastructure of the academy.

Faculties and Specialities

The team of faculties redefines the education system of Ukraine. The University has separate faculty team for different subject. The below mentioned list would give some idea about their subject matter and what could be learn here at Poltava National Technical University. Faculty of Architecture, Design of Architectural Environment, Faculty of Construction, Faculty of Management and Business, Faculty of Electric and Mechanics, Faculty of Finance and economics, Faculty of Sanitary Engineering, Faculty of Oil and Gas and Faculty of Information and Telecommunication Technologies and Systems.


The university has an awesome infrastructure as it has central studying building, 9 studying building, laboratory facility and modules, the stadium and sports complex, 5 dormitories for students and facility of dispensary.

Accommodation and activities

The hostel facility is provided to local and foreign students. The hostel commands the colossal area of the university and all the facilities has been given to students for comfortable living. The kitchen facility would ensure that students are preparing and eating their own stuff. The internet facility, canteens and cafeteria around would stop students for going outside beside that it has special security provision to ensure no outsiders apart from students of university enters the area. The hostel has dormitory and dining room.

The activities involve debates, practical, field work, sports activity, inter university competition etc would keep student engage and active.

Apply for admission

General Medicine

Duration: 6 years

Degree Awarded: MBBS/MD

Language of Instruction: English, Russian, Ukrainian.


Ukrainian Universities are Recognized By MCI.