Advantages of Study in Ukraine

Every year the number of foreign students grows in higher educational institutions of Ukraine. Our country always was hospitable, with a warm and good relation to foreigners. That who looks for quality and available education abroad, it is possible to recommend safely training in Ukraine.

The system of the higher education in Ukraine is well developed and presented by numerous educational institutions which prepare leading experts of the most various directions of knowledge. The structure of the higher education in Ukraine corresponds to structure of formation of the majority of the developed countries of the world. That fact is very important that in March, 2005 Ukraine joined Bolonsky system and began to develop actively a pan-European standard in the sphere of the higher education.

The Ukrainian education accept and appreciate around the world, and it is flexible and open for development. The Ukrainian universities have strong teams of professional teachers. Many of them are known far outside of Ukraine. Students with success receive not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical. Achievements of a modern science and equipment promote that the Ukrainian HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS prepared professionals who will bring prestige to the country.

Training of specialists is conducted on трехм to educational qualifying levels: bachelor, expert and master. Foreign students can receive the diploma and qualification after 5-6 years of training without interruption or 1-2 years if the student already had the academic degree "Bachelor". An exception are medical and veterinary specialties – in this case for foreign students only the first option is allowed.

"Master" foreign students receive degree after passing of the appropriate educational program within two years in the presence of qualification "Bachelor", or one year - at qualification "Expert".

Graduates of the Ukrainian HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS receive the diploma of the state sample. In turn universities assist in the international legalization of diplomas in the Ministry of Education and Science, youth and sports of Ukraine.

Not less important is that fact that the higher education in Ukraine has more acceptable cost in comparison with other countries of Europe.

So, it is possible to allocate the following advantages of training in Ukraine (according to our agency):

  • High education level;
  • Acceptable price of training;
  • World recognition of the Ukrainian education;
  • 100 % obtaining visas to foreign entrants;
  • Training to Ukrainian / Russian to languages with native speakers;
  • Rich student's life;
  • The gained experience of life in foreign community.