Preparatory Course

The pre-medical program was established as the first step toward the creation of a truly international student body. This program allows the matriculation of students from around the world regardless of the individual variations of the educational system of their home country. Students enter the premedical program with the expectation, eventually being accepted into school of medicine. Students of science (should have passes in science, mathematics, English and any other three subjects) are eligible to this program. The Pre-medical course is fully conducted in English along with the Ukrainian language. The duration of the pre-medical course is 10 months .Classes are conducted in the university as well as in hostel. Students have full use of all university resources, including all libraries, recreational facilities, accommodation, computer suites and student services. Pre-medical course offers students a standard university entrance qualification and also an excellent base for their further academic studies. The program of the Ukrainian language course at the pre-medical course gives the possibility to develop the students’ skills in making notes of scientific texts, mastering the special terminology, understanding and writing lectures. Here students also extend their knowledge of Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Computer Science. The program of the pre-medical course curriculum is approved by the Ministry of education and Ministry of Public health, Ukraine and gives the right to enter the following faculties: medical faculty, dentistry, Nursing and postgraduate training. These will help you to prepare for the content and level of the degree course subjects.